The Denaploy Group of Companies


TheDevTeam is a software house based in the South East of England, specialising in bespoke software and data visualisation for a broad range of industries from mining to your typical e-commerce sites.

Denaploy Manuals

When any significant building work is undertaken within the UK, it is a legal requirement that an O&M manual be provided as part of the building's Health & Safety documentation. Our online system co-ordinates and compiles sub-contractor's O&M manuals into a single searchable digital format for the building facility manager's ease of use.

About Denaploy

Denaploy was formed with the goal of helping businesses make full use of growing opportunities that the internet brings. Formed in 1989 it saw the internet grow from a basic nerdy club to full adoption of society. With countless opportunities, the software development side has spurred off a number of businesses, and the group has now expanded into two main fields, software development and O&M manual creation.