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Graham Bishop was founded in July 2000 to bring directly to its clients the insights that flow from Graham Bishop's standing as a leading technical analyst of economic and structural developments in the financial markets of Europe

Graham Bishop is a much sort after expert on expected impact of regulations from European institutions on the financial markets throughout Europe and beyond.

The website is the primary mechanism by which clients such as Citibank, BNP Paribas, European Central Bank, Namura Bank etc are kept up to date on the day to day developments.

Graham Bishop’s network of contributors submit thousands of articles each year, tracking developments from the Banking Capital Requirements Directive, to ECOFIN council meetings through the spaghetti of acronyms MiFID, IOSCO, CESR, OTC Derivatives etc that obscure this field.

At its heart is a weekly email that is circulated to individuals nominated by clients, summarising all the developments in a choice of languages.

There are many technical features that keep this site running:

• The Content Management system that enables non- technical contributors to write their articles and keeps all the contributions presented in a consistent house style.

• The sophisticated security system enables a granular control of which articles are accessible.

• The automated email service that distributes the article summaries in various forms.

With 14 years of articles the site is now also an important historical archive of this specialised field.



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Knowledge Base

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Rightmove have put back their switch-over date until 31st July 2016 and are telling agents that they'll need to manually upload their property data if they can't supply their data in the Real Time Data Feed format.

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