Newmont Mining

We were originally approached by the owner of a pie shop in Brighton, East Sussex to build a database for one of the World's largest gold producers in Ghana, West Africa. After our initial sceptisism it turned out to be true and one of our crew went on-site for a month whilst one of the World's largest surface mines was being prepared for production.

The system was named Eclipse because during the build there was a total eclipse of the Sun and even the vultures quietened down during the couple of minutes of totality. Unfortunately it was only us that liked the name Eclipse and our solution would always be referred to as the "Mining Planning Database".

The solution was originally purely MS Access (it's latest reincarnation is SQL Server with a Microsoft Access front-end) and took one month of frantic development where we coded 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. By collecting the minutae of information on mining activities such as how long each vehicle takes to refuel, the grade of gold in each block mined (usually between 1 and 2 parts per million at this particular mine), which truck is being loaded by which digger, whether there are any vehicles waiting to be loaded, why vehicles have stopped and for how long..... a pretty good picture of the mining activities can be painted. The end result was a pretty impressive system and, amongst other things, provided daily, weekly and monthly reports to a team of engineers who used them to decide the direction of future mining activites and maximising productivity. Maximising productivity is hugely important when the machinery is so expensive and the price of gold so sensitive.

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Eclipse Mining

A mine planning, tracking, QC and reporting package. Used at gold mines in Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Eritrea and soon many others.

Bisha Mining

We further developed the Mining Planning Database for a small surface gold mine in Eritrea. Small in the mining World is a startup cost of around $300m and we like to think that we played a part in keeping those costs to a minimum.

Tools to help clean big data

We are currently working on a marketing and data visualisation project on behalf of one of the World's most recognised brands and largest food and drinks manufacturers. Our bit is the most important bit but the least glamourous; creating tools to help sift, sort and consolidate masses of data so that it can be usefully interrogated.

Knowledge Base

Data for Microsoft Power Bi

With the amount of data available to you growing exponentially, we're here to help you make sense of it all. There are now many business intelligence tools available from companies such as Microsoft, Google and Tableau but you'll need experts in data analysis if you want to make sense of it. That's where we fit in.

Eclipse EMail PowerBI Reporting Example

Eclipse EMail is available to all organisations, regardless of whether or they already exist as clients of TheDevTeam. Integrate your email services with all your other business data. Well structured, targeted campaigns can be finely tuned and developed as you learn to interpret the wealth of information that's generated as a result.

PowerBI digger production example using Eclipse

There are literally thousands of different types of reports you can extract from our mining production tracking system: Eclipse Miningware. This article is a brief demonstration of just one; a daily report for the diggers which worked in production "yesterday".

Software Development Skills

Productivity in software development has improved even faster than the hardware - Moore's Law - double the power every 18 months.

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