Nigel Taylor BSc

A full stack developer with 2 young children, a passion for gardening and mountain bike riding (not at the same time) along with workaholic tendencies there's never a dull moment in Nigel's life.   After 15 years of programming, many new technologies have come to the fore giving Nigel a range of skills that are second to none. Coupled with a sound knowledge of business and the problems that need solving there is no better person to have working with you in an age increasingly dependent on Information Technology.

Nigel's role at Denaploy

Somebody needs to be able to bridge the gap between programmers and those who think purely in business terms and that's just what Nigel's role is. He does get his hands dirty writing code, creating databases and troubleshooting projects which is what keeps him speaking the same language as those who spend all of their time coding.

His role is to understand business requirements and then translate them into achievable targets using the skillsets available. As web technology continues to see an acceleration in development it is essential that somebody is able to communicate what is possible and how best to achieve those things. 


Gone are the days of staying up late on a Saturday night and lazing around on a Sunday afternoon. Nigel has two small children and any spare time gets swiftly swallowed up and repackaged as "time to be a good Dad".
Previously Nigel would enjoy going on 30 mile bike rides across The South Downs, surfing and camping with mates. Soon Nigel, soon.

Prior to Denaploy

Nigel carved out his trade working in a software House in Surrey before moving to a commercial bank in London. The stint at the bank was fairly short lived as Brighton beckoned and the lights of life as an IT contractor were so much brighter.

Nigel's Qualifications

BSc (Hons) Business Information Management Systems from the University of Plymouth
A Levels; Economics, Accounts, Maths
11 A-C grade GCSEs and an AO in Maths

The Dev Team
8 The Lawn,
St Leonards-On-Sea,
East Sussex, TN38 0HH