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Specialist IT Services

We're "The IT department" with a range of skills that many large organisations don't even have. If you're looking to hire in specialist skills but don't wish to increase your head count then look no further...

We are an East Sussex based company that has been building complex IT systems and websites since 1995. We specialise in the tricky bits - C# .Net, SQL, Linq, JScript, JSON, XML and provide services to companies that do not want to incur the high costs of supporting this kind of overhead. Handling large amounts of data and presenting them on websites,maps and data feeds is pretty specialist stuff that can transform how businesses work andcollaborate with suppliers, customers and partners. We also have the project management skills and experience to help you deliver on time and within budget.

Over the last 10 years IT has evolved and become increasingly specialised to the point where very few companies are able (or wish) to hire all the specialist staff they need. Denaploy has evolved with the Internet and boasts a variety of cutting edge programmers, some of who haveover 10,000 hours of experience..  They are masters, with libraries of code at their fingertips.

Our Agile approach to project management and vast set of software libraries enables us to deliver robust business solutions with costs and timescales to suit your business. We are happy to work independently on a project or in collaboration with your own team, and we have a successful track record that you are welcome to review.

And today we have some spare capacity to sell!

Please call us on 01424 423827 to open a dialogue.